Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Black and White Photography

*The three basic elements of a camera are the optical element (lens), the chemical element (film), and the mechanical element (camera itself).

*An SLR camera is a single-lens-reflex camera (does not need electricity, photographer sees same image exposed to film-adjust everything by turning dials and clicking buttons).

*The purpose of a camera's aperture is to determine the amount of light that reaches the camera's sensor.

*Shutter speed also controls light entering the camera (curtain closed at first so film won't be exposed to light--then opens when picture is taken)

*Film speed, aperture size, and shutter speed must be balanced to get the right exposure for a picture

*One would use a low film speed (such as 100 ISO) for taking a picture in bright sunlight (need less energy to capture light).

*Four steps for developing black and white film are placing film in reducing agent, rinsing film with water (or use "stop" bath), placing in fixing bath, and washing film once more and drying it (to remove all processing chemicals).

*Need drying cabinets, tongs, stop bath, developers, exposed photographic print papers, fixer, developer trays, and washes for making black and white prints.

*Final image is actually developed silver.

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