Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Edward Weston

1. Edward Weston began taking photographs when he was sixteen. He received his first camera and took photos of Chicago parks and his aunt's farm. One year later, the Chicago Art Institute put his photographs up for exhibit. He then enrolled in the Illinois College of Photography. In 1906, Edward Weston moved to California and opened his first photographic studio. He also wrote articles about his unique style of photo taking for many big-name magazines. Weston kept taking photographs of nature, landscapes, plants, and nudes. Unfortunately, Weston died of Parkinson's Disease in 1958.

2. Weston's photographic style consisted of using an 8"x10" view camera. His style changed from pictorialism to straight photography (including humans and nature) in the middle of his career. Some of his most famous photos include "Pepper #30", "Dunes, Oceano", and "Nude, 1936".

3. My favorite Edward Weston photograph is:

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